Here the eduVPN applications are listed. There are also applications available under the Let's Connect! brand. Those can be used with your own installation of the VPN server software. You can find them here.


Download the application using the link below. It will auto update to the latest version automatically. Release notes are available for 1.x and 2.x releases.

We also have MSI files and documentation available for enterprise deployments. Contact us for more information.

NOTE: eduVPN 1.x will not (yet) be automatically updated to 2.x for now.


Available in the Google Play store here. See the Changelog. Also available on F-Droid.

You can also perform a manual installation, but there will be NO automatic updating of the application!


Available in the App Store here. See the Changelog.

Below you'll find the as of now (2020-01-23) OLD releases. Do NOT use!


Available in the iTunes store here.


Check here.

For manual instructions and compatibility information check here.